All international students at Gannon are required to have health insurance. We do this to protect students who may not be used to living in a country without a national system of healthcare. Healthcare can get very expensive in the United States and we do not want students to get stuck with a large bill.

Students on F-1 and J-1 visas are automatically enrolled in the Gannon University Student Health Insurance Plan.  

We have developed a relationship with a company that specializes in health insurance for international students, and have designated a plan with them.

If you did not provide a waiver by May 1 for Fall 2019, and for all semesters after Fall 2019, you will have the option to choose the Gannon-sponsored health insurance plan (currently this plan is $905 per semester) or the plan developed with a company called International Student Insurance (the price is variable based upon your age, but can range between $320-$500).

As you can see, this option is much less expensive than the Gannon-sponsored plan. We kept in mind that international students need coverage that is affordable, but effective. You should know that this difference in price does come with a difference in coverage. If you have chronic health issues, need to see a doctor regularly, or take prescription medications, you should think about which plan will cost you more money over the year.

·        More information about the Gannon-sponsored plan here.

·        More information on the International Student Insurance planhere, and click on Benefits in the box at the top right corner.

To enroll in the Gannon-sponsored plan, you do nothing. This is already on your bill and we will take care of getting you enrolled. To enroll in the plan by International Student Insurance, go here and click on “Buy Coverage Now.” The deadline for enrolling in the alternative plan is Tuesday, August 27. If you do not enroll in the alternative plan by 4:30 pm EST on Tuesday, August 27, you will be charged for and enrolled in the Gannon-sponsored plan.

Note: SACM-sponsored students do not need to worry about this. If you are sponsored by your government or some other agency that is not SACM, or you have health insurance through a United States employer, please see Marilee Wilkosz in the Global Support office to waive out of these two plans.

Gannon University Student Health & Counseling Services

As a student, you have access to the following valuable services from Gannon
University Student Health & Counseling Services. These services are supported
by your tuition and fees:

  • First aid intervention
  • Illness and injury assessment
  • Various health screenings
    • Blood pressure checks
    • Height and weight measurements
    • Community health referrals
  • Updating and maintaining of student health and immunization records
  • Health education resource materials
  • Mental health counseling services
    • Individual and group therapy
    • Crisis consultation
    • Educational programming and outreach activities
    • Assistance with community referrals